Norfolk and Sufolk local Christmas tree collect and delivery
How it works and about us

Our promise to you.

You can choose your tree from the comfort and safety of your own home. Your tree will be delivered and taken away by our cheery team. Whatever we do this year, we will do it even better next year.

Our promise to the environment.

We will provide the most ethical way for you to have a Christmas tree.
We will reduce congestion and carbon emissions around Norwich and deliver your tree for free.
We will reduce unnecessary waste and landfill at Christmas and provide a greener solution.

Why choose a tree from Spruce?

Spruce are returning to Norwich with our simple message-"To make Christmas greener!"

We grew up in the countryside loving nature and Christmas. Last year we decided that we would "Do Different" and make Christmas even more special. Our trees have been cared for all year round we and are looking forward to delivering your tree and collecting it again after Christmas.

Times have changed and one of the things people want to know is where their trees come from and how they have been grown.  Every Christmas more than 7.5 million real trees are sold in England. The majority are grown in Europe.  Every single one of ours is grown in Norfolk and Suffolk and are certified by the British Christmas Tree Growers Association. They are also grown in accordance with the BCTGA environmental code of practice and of course as they are cut they day before we deliver, they are guaranteed fresh!

Our trees take seven to eight years to grow to the required size and every year that we cut down trees to sell at Christmas we are planting more to replace them.

The environmental value of our properly-managed, organically-grown trees is quite extraordinary.  They benefit the environment through cleansing the air, and supporting nature and wildlife. The trees provide a haven for an abundance of  birds such as partridge and pheasant and they provide welcome shelter for creatures on more exposed ground. As the trees fill out, the plantations provide nesting sites for small birds. In spring and summer hoverflies feed off the aphids that live on the trees, they also attract butterflies and moths.


After Christmas our trees are chipped, taken to zoos or mulched and turned into compost, through the help of our friends at Norwich Farmshare and Golden Triangle Tree Surgeons. Mulch is great for suppressing weeds (and is amazing for blueberry plants). It also helps to keep the ground moist in dry spells and warm in winter. We believe that Spruce is the first company in the country (perhaps the world) to provide this sustainable service at Christmas.

Tree Care


Buy a freshly cut Norway Spruce, Blue Spruce or Nordmann Christmas tree from Spruce.


Leave your Christmas tree outside or in a cool place until you are ready to put it up.


Just before putting your tree in a Christmas tree stand designed to hold water, saw a 1.5 cm (1/2“) slice off the bottom of the trunk. This enables the tree to drink water via capillary action, just like a cut flower. If the tree is not put in water straight away, the pores will block with sap and you will need to cut another slice off the trunk.


Position your Christmas tree away from heat sources such as radiators and fireplaces.


Water your Christmas tree regularly with fresh water and keep the stand topped up above the base of the trunk at all times.
Your tree may drink more than a litre of water a day, depending on its size and how warm the room is.